Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery is possible on nearly every type of computer system.

Our data recovery lab technicians and engineers are a highly skilled team trained and experienced in the latest state-of-the-art data recovery techniques with years of successful hard drive recovery experience behind them on almost every type of file system and computer system.

Generally, hard drives fail or are inaccessible due to one of two common reasons:

Physical Crash: When a hard drive is making ticking or scratching noises due to old or worn out parts it can lose the data contained within. The read / write heads in the hard drive can fail; failed motors are common; or the platters on which the data is stored can become damaged.

Physical damage can also be due to mishandling of the drive or circuit failure of the PCB board which is attached to the hard drive. Physical damage to the disks itself always causes at least some data loss. And, in many cases with physically damaged hard drives, the logic structure of the file system may also get damaged. Any damage of this sort constitutes a physical crash of a hard drive.

Logic Crash: Far more common than physical damage is logical corruption or damage to a file system. Logic damage is primarily caused by human error, which includes accidental deletion of files, accidentally formatting a hard drive, and even power outages can cause file system structures to become damaged. Logical crashes can cause a variety of problems including total system crashes and actual loss of data.

To recover data lost from either a physical or logical crash.
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